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Knowledge is fatal.

I post Supernatural, Queer as Folk, Dane DeHaan and some random things. I ship wincest and almost anything else that you can think of, as long as the pairing is gay ;-) I occasionally post nsfw but I always tag it.
An important thing to know about me is that I often prefer fantasy to reality.
Hope you enjoy my blog.

Boys got dirty minds. Just like us

you can see his dick moving



look at it

I’ve never noticed that before. Thank you for this information ;-)

Reblog if you love Wendigo
Reblog if you love Wendigo




I adore Kripke but just this once I want to prove him wrong.

I love this episode. This is the episode when we start finding out that Dean has real depth, we get the “Saving People and Hunting things” line from this episode…

Demon Dean obviously doesn’t like wearing pants.

Demon Dean obviously doesn’t like wearing pants.

Jensen’s face!


His ability to convince us is striking


I’m only surprised  it doesn’t happen to them more often…